Bat in the House

Is there a Bat Flying Through Your Home? 

Bat in the House

If you have a bat in your house contact us and we can remove it for you. If you can not wait for a professional to arrive at your home refer to the information below to see how to remove a bat from it’s roosting area. Always wear gloves when dealing with wildlife. Bats are not prone to attack you but when handled they will try to bite as they will feel threatened.

Information About a Bat in the House

Bats Come From the Attic or Chimney

bat in the house

Things to Consider When a Bat is in the House

If so you need to assume the bat has rabies, even though the chances are unlikely. Young children, heavy sleepers or intoxicated adults may not know they have been bitten, due to the fact bat bites are very small and may not be detected. Here’s a few questions to consider, and if any are true it is recommended to seek medical help.                

At this point if any of these happen it is important to capture the bat and have it tested for rabies. Most local health departments will take in the bat if it is captured and secured. If anyone has been in contact with the bat it is important you seek medical attention and receive rabies shot.

How to Get a Bat Out of The House

It’s Recommended to Have Professional Help

In order to capture the bat it is important to keep an eye on it. Eventually it will tire out an land somewhere. Usually a wall, curtain or soft material it can cling onto.

If you have a bat in the house and live in the following areas we can locate a technician and have him to your home as fast as possible. We work 7 days a week and do provide emergency services. For after hours and weekends email or voice mail typically work the best. Don’t hesitate to call us!

Steps For Proper Bat Removal From The House

Why is There a Bat in My House?

Bat’s Are Living There

Bat Colony

Most likely there is a colony of roosting bats somewhere in your house. Bat's in Michigan are cavity dwellers and live in attics and walls. Bats enter along the roof line and vents into the attic. Bat's may also roost in chimneys. From here bats will lose their way into your home. This is often the first sign you have a bat infestation.

Bat Exclusion

Bats that were excluded from your home at one time, will try to get back in anyway they can from time to time. Any open doors, windows, or new construction gaps, bats will find it. This was once their home to and they want back in!

Open Door

Not common, but sometimes a bat will follow you into the home through open doors. Most people believe a bat ended up in the home because they left the front door open. This is a very rare occurrence.You can identify a colony of bats in the home a few different ways.

Schedule a Free Bat Inspection

 If you suspect you hear scratching in the attic and walls you may have bats. Looking in the attic for droppings in usually the tell sign there is a colony of bats. Bat droppings like like mice droppings, but a little larger. You may see a lot of bat activity flying around your home or even coming from an opening on your roof. If you suspect you have a bat colony in your home it is important to have it inspected before the colony doubles or even triples in size.