Do they Work?


There is no such thing as a “bat repellent”. There are many gimmick devices out there that claim to be repellents but they flat out do not work. High frequency devices that plug into your wall will not work either. We have been in thousands of attics and seen extension cords running every which way with high frequency ultrasonic devices plugged into them trying to get the bats to fly out. If anything they move the bats closer to you, down your wall through an open register vent and into your home.

How to Get Rid of Bats Proper

Moth balls, bat baits, bat repellents are all very ineffective. They don’t work! In fact they end up making your bat problem a larger issue than it has to be.

Bat removal takes a lot of effort and patients. Most people are looking for a quick, cheap and effective way to take care of the bat issue. Consider a professional bat removal specialist to remove your bats for you. We guarantee getting rid of your bats and always back it with a full five year warranty.


Michigan Wildlife Solutions only provides humane bat removal exclusions and bat control. We are a bat control company located in Michigan. We do not kill bat problems, use bat repellents, or trap bats because none work and all are very inhumane and even illegal. We are not a bat pest control company but we know how to get rid of bats through a more educated and humane process called a live bat exclusion. Michigan Wildlife Soluitions is fully licensed and insured. If you need Michigan bat removal anywhere in the state of Michigan call (248) 636-4160