25 Years of Bat Removal Experience

Residential Bat Removal

We have successfully completed thousands of live bat exclusions on residential homes.

We Can Help You

We pride ourselves in great customer service and make sure our work is completed to the customers full satisfaction.

Removing the Bats

We remove all unwanted nuisance bats from your home, repair the entry points, and clean up their mess. We are a nuisance wildlife company and do not remove insects. However we can knock down bee hives, wasp nest, yellow jackets, etc. during the bat removal process.

Humane Bat Removal

We practice humane nuisance wildlife control and remove all bats poison free. We take pride in helping residents take care of their problems with nuisance wildlife, bats in their home, and animal damage repairs.

Here are Some Reasons You May Call For Residential Bat Control Services

We Are always available 7 Days a Week


  • Log Cabins

  • Ranch Homes

  • 2 Story Homes

  • 3 Story Homes

  • Duplex Homes

No matter the style of home, bats and other wildlife will find it.