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Before you hire a company for bat removal do your research on the reliance of that company. We have made it easy for you in our how to hire a bat control professional page.

How to Get Rid of Bats?

The only way to get rid of bats is to completely seal them out of their roosting (nesting) areas. Live bat exclusions are the only method for removal. A complete inspection of the home must be done to get rid of the bats. Including the attic, roof, perimeter, and foundation of the home.

Bat Guano Removal

Most companies now days should offer attic restoration and cleanup services. Removing the bat guano from your attic is essential to solving the bat problem. Diseases like histoplasmosis are caused from bat guano being in your attic.

Guaranteed Bat Removal

All companies should offer some sort of warranty after the bats have been evicted. A bat may try to reenter its roosting area for up to five years. Extended warranties of more than One year are necessary. We offer a five year warranty.

Other Things to Consider

Never hire a company that uses poisons, glue boards, or other killing methods to solve a bat problem. It is illegal and companies can be fined in the state of Michigan as much as $5,000. Also companies who claim they can get rid of bats during the months of June and July are wrong. Maternal colonies have their pups during these times and they can not fly.

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If you need to get a hold of a bat removal professional in Michigan we are available to take your call or eamil 7 days a week. contact a bat removal specialist today.

Happy Customers Say...

Called michigan wildlife after we purchased a property with suspected rodent activity in the attic. They were able to come out very quickly and give me a free inspection/quote. The guy who came to my house was super nice and let me know everything that was going on. He was incredibly honest and told me that we would be able to do this ourselves instead of them (but they were more than willing to if we didn't want to do it ourselves). I appreciated his honesty immensely and his tips on how we could achieve what we wanted. I hope we never have a problem in the future, but if we do they will be the people I call. Can't beat an honest company!
Phoenix McCalla
Satified Client
I had several bats over the past 3 years..... Today at 3 AM my cat woke me up howling and I thought she was sick.. Turns out she had attacked a bat and was sitting on it. I picked it up and secured it and in about an hour later when I went to take it outside it had already died, and I was sad because even though I don't like them in my house they are good for keeping away the mosquitoes and I felt bad that it didn't survive. They are an endangered species and we're losing so many wildlife as it is I just don't want them in my house! I had the bat exclusion done in 2020, and they came back out after I had another bat in February and then after this one they're coming out next Friday to recheck the exclusions again!
Chuck B.
Satified Customer

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