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Not all wildlife control or bat removal companies operate the same. Some companies are experience in the bat exclusion industry and are familiar with proper techniques for getting rid of bats.

Bat Pest Control South Lyon, MI

Not Your Average Pest control Company

Research a Company Before You Hire Them. A Company Should Follow These Principles.

We are an experienced bat removal company near South Lyon, MI. We always abide by proper bat exclusion principles and follow the guidelines implemented by Bat Conservation International.

Other pest control companies use incorrect methods for removing bats from attics and chimneys. Some use poisons, kill traps and fumigate to solve bat problems

Bat Exterminator South Lyon, michigan

Licensed and Insured by the State of Michigan

We will provide property owners with a guarantee and list of references. All written materials will be accurate and scare tactics will be avoided.

We will use the preferred, one-way devices constructed from light weight polypropylene netting (<1/6″mesh), plastic sheeting, or tube-type excluders for evicting bats from buildings. Excluders will be placed at all active entry points and remain in place for at least 5 to 7 days. These devices will be removed after the bats have been excluded, and then exclusion points will be sealed with silicone caulking, caulk backing rod, hardware cloth, or heavy-duty polypropylene mesh. We understand that in some cases, sealing may require repair or replacement of old, deteriorated wood. (Note that BCI strongly recommends that exclusion professionals bat-proof the entire building and avoid spot treatments. Moving bats from one corner of a building to another does not solve the problem and may require that further exclusion work is carried out at some time in the future, further disturbing the bats

and the property owner).

What You Should Know About Bat Removal Process

South Lyon, MI Bat Removal and Control

Humane Bat Removal Services

Bat Inspection

Often the most important part of the bat removal process. We have inspected several homes in South Lyon, MI with small to large bat problems in the attics. During the inspection we locate entry points, other potential entry points, and damages.

Bat Exclusion

Once we have figured out how the bats are getting in we can begin the bat removal process. This is done by installing one-way door devices at the point of entry and bat proofing the rest of the home.

Bat Re-Inspection

After 30 days or so we return to make sure all of the bats are excluded and the bat problem is solved.

Bat Guano Clean-up

Cleaning up the bat guano(droppings) and damaged insulation is a must to prevent structural damage and health risk. We do not always have to do this unless you have a large bat problem.


Removing the bats is only as a good as the written guarantee. We offer a five year warranty for all bat removal projects to protect your investment.

Poison Free

Get rid of bats from the attic is a skilled process. We have completed over 20 thousand exclusions. We understand the only humane way of removal is through a live bat exclusion. The use of poisons or any other inhumane techniques is considered illegal.

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We acknowledge that ultrasonic devices, chemical repellents, and smoke are not approved by BCI as effective methods to evict bats from buildings. In addition, canned spray foam is not an approved sealant for cracks and holes in most situations. It is not only unattractive, but can result in the death of bats that come into contact with it. This product should never be used when bats are still present.

If you are looking for a bat exterminator in the South Lyon, MI area we urge you look for a humane bat removal and control professional. Bat Exterminator or Extermination is an old term used to get rid of bats. Bat removal experts are not your average pest control specialists. Bat removal companies are wildlife control operators who specialize in the field of bat control and prevention. There are no poisons, bat traps, electronic devices, or bat repellents that can solve your bat problem. In fact, bats are protected and endangered species. Bats are very beneficial to our environment and it is illegal to kill bats.  

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